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Total Immersion Software provides quality programming in over 14 different languages and environments including ASP, ASP.Net, VB, VB.Net, Java, C, C++, C#, ColdFusion and Crystal Reports in addition to various other development, database and scripting platforms.

Although Total Immersion Software provides software development services in several different ways, most projects are divided into one of two categories:

Light Programming, or control creation is what we call development of the scale that usually requires less than one man month to complete and is a relatively straightforward job. The most common example of this is when a client realizes that they have a process that can easily be automated, thereby eliminating a position or redundant efforts.

Full Scale Programming would be any project that is too large to be treated as a single entity.  Our project managers design an implementation plan that divides the job into several discrete milestones, with each milestone comprising of an actual tangible deliverable. Each of these milestone concludes with the client's acceptance that the deliverable is designed as specified and performs properly.

As we view each engagement to be unique, we offer an extremely broad range of services to ensure that we are able to effectively meet the client's fullest needs and expectations.  However, most engagements use some of the more common services listed below:

Database Design.  As the structure of your data will provide either the foundation or the upper limit for the application itself, having a proper and scaleable data layout is one of the most critical aspects of a solid application design.  Our developers are extremely proficient in all major database platforms and capable of identifying related business or application processes and translating them into an effective, efficient and reliable ERD.

Application Design.  Translating business needs to software design is usually the most critical task of software development as it provides the foundation on which all other work is built.  Even perfectly written code will be ineffective to your organization if it does not properly overcome the business problems it is intended to solve.  The employees of Total Immersion Software are all extremely proficient in rising above the technical task at hand and viewing the problem as it relates to your business.  This ability allows us to create applications that  will properly satisfy your business's current needs while continuing to help leverage your business model well into the future.

Website/Intranet/Extranet/Portal Development.  More and more frequently, companies are utilizing Web technologies to distribute applications with a minimal footprint.  With the recent maturity of several web development platforms, organizations are now finding that a substantial degree of business logic can be distributed without increasing the level of workstation support.   Total Immersion Software has extensive experience with all of these platforms and can help your company devise a Web strategy and select the correct tools for the job.

Software Conversion.  We have found that the transition from a legacy application can often be a an ominous presence, casting enough uncertainty to prevent some companies from freeing themselves from applications that are increasingly difficult and expensive to support.  As all Total Immersion Software developers are well versed in multiple current and legacy languages, we have an exceptional capability to derive the function of your current software and can effectively translate it into the platform of your choice.

Software Documentation.  Total Immersion Software maintains a staff of technical writers who are fluent in both the language business and technology.  Proper documentation accompanies all code that we produce, through both external documentation and the effective commenting of our code.  We also are occasionally called upon to extend or create the documentation for applications that were written by other developers.

Application Repair.  Unfortunately, not all application development projects go as anticipated.  We sadly find a continual source of business through repairing or completing projects that were either unfinished or only marginally functional.   Although engaging the right company from the project's inception would have allowed for lower development costs and provided a higher quality of finished product, we have a great deal of experience in salvaging investments made in software development firms that were unable to complete their task properly.

Shrink-Wrapped Software Development.  We are currently beta testing our freeware Anti-Spam software product Karma, and are preparing to have our CRM package enter beta shortly.


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