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20 Years ago when Total Immersion was founded, we immediately recognized the need to track our contacts with our clients and to manage the status of their projects.  However, after exhaustive research we were unable to find a product that worked well enough for us to use.  So, we decided to write our own.  Over the years we continued to reevaluate the market and see if an off-the-shelf product would work, but were still unable to find any that could.  As time passed, our product continued to mature, fueled by having the developers and the users sitting in the same office.  This led to a rapid series of functionality additions and allowed us to create an extremely versatile CRM, SFA and full life cycle project management application.

After repeated requests by our clients to help them find a product that would satisfy their needs in these markets, we jointly came to the conclusion that the best product for their needs was the one that we had created. To that end, we have transitioned the application from an internal application to a fully customizable product called Enlightenment CRM.

Enlightenment is currently available for purchase and customization.  If you wish to gather more information about its requirements or capacities or to inquire about purchasing the product for your organization, please contact us here.





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